Additional Services

Benefit Education Insourcing

We have the ability to place Benefit Educators at an employer’s work place year-round to assist with:

  • Benefit education
  • New hire onboarding
  • Open enrollment
  • Employee advocacy and issue resolution
  • Data management
  • Vendor billing and issues
  • Life event management

Employee Advocacy

Our Benefits Enrollment Center can be used throughout the year to assist employees with benefit related issues:

  • Enrollment and benefit questions
  • General issues (lost ID cards, etc)

Dependent Audits

Through our high touch process we can help cleanse data and audit dependents on the medical plan. This can be a great way to drive savings and minimize exposure.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit offers a great incentive to employers to hire certain types of employees. Please inquire on how we can help with the administration of this important tax credit for employers.

Data Cleansing

Updating data on employees can be a tough task for many HR departments - we can help! Through our high touch process we can update:

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Dependent Data
  • Beneficiary Data
  • Employee Personal Information


Looking to get a survey done but can't get employees to engage? We can help! 

Using our high touch process we can greatly increase engagement in surveys and drive significant results. 

Voluntary Benefit Consulting

We work with over 15 voluntary benefit carriers. We can help identify the right products with the best carriers. Our team can perform extensive analysis of the different products that are available in the marketplace. 

Case Studies

Learn more about us by reviewing our detailed case studies. We have worked with dozens of industries!

Nursing Home Operator

Hotel Operator

Restaurant Operator


Farming / Agriculture

Hospital (coming soon!)

Retailer (coming soon!)

Physical Fitness Provider (coming soon!)

Private Equity Merger (coming soon!)

Government Contractor (coming soon!)

Municipality (coming soon!)

Bringing the Human Element Back to Benefit Enrollment