Bringing Together People and Technology

At Benefit Educators, our team of seasoned veterans partners with brokers and clients to help connect employees with their employer via total enrollment solutions. We utilize modern technology and personal engagement strategies to maximize employee engagement, simplify communications and transactions, as well as educate employees about their benefits.

Employee benefit programs have become very complex and there are many resources out there that are designed to help employees. However, many organizations are relying on technology and struggle to clearly communicate which has left employees confused and disengaged. 

We provide the human element to help employers solve this problem. Our Benefit Educators understand benefit plans – let them help employees understand theirs. We extend the reach of HR and maximize employee engagement. Our Benefit Educators are compassionate seasoned veterans that care about the work they do and want employees to understand the programs they have available to them. 

Initiatives we have helped support:

Consumer Driven Health Plans

Reference Based Pricing


Traditional Benefit Plans

Retirement Programs

Pre-tax programs

Medical transparency applications

Employee advocacy programs

Other corporate initiatives

Any many more! 

The goal is to advance participation, understanding, and appreciation

We have the ability to engage with over 95% of an employee population

More on how we do it...

Onsite Solutions

Personalized engagement strategies via compassionate human interaction


  • Our Benefit Educators are able to meet with employees one-on-one to maximize understanding and utilization
  • Benefit Educators can use the one-on-one meeting to assist with enrollment in all benefits
  • Many employers find this to be more efficient with day-to-day operati​ons


  • Benefit Educators setup and support kiosks
  • Still an effective means to maximize employee engagement
  • Many employers use this in subsequent years as a follow up to a 1:1 strategy


  • Sometimes group meetings are the best way to educate and engage
  • Many employers will provide group meetings and then use 1:1 as a follow-up

How it works...

Our team has implemented hundreds of projects. We understand how to execute to ensure the installation is successful. We have identified 8 key phases of a typical implementation:

Phase 1: Kickoff Call

Phase 2: Implement and develop employee communications

Phase 3: Implement and develop manager communications

Phase 4: Schedule locations

Phase 5: Setup and test technology

Phase 6: Train the Benefit Educators

Phase 7: Implement the enrollment

Phase 8: Provide ongoing service

We have developed an extremely detailed implementation process. We use state-of-the art implementation software to ensure that every element is accomplished and that key stake holders stay on task. You can rely on our team to do the heavy lifting to ensure that the process takes work off of the HR team.

What Employees Are Saying

The one-on-one enrollment is very helpful. We should keep it this way.  All of my employees are coming over and saying its better than going online! 

Survey Response 

Benefits Enrollment Center

It's a Call Center but we call it the Benefits Enrollment Center

Our Benefits Enrollment Center replicates our onsite services and is used year-round to advance employee engagement


  • Replication of onsite solution
  • Our Benefits Enrollment Center is staffed with licensed professionals that can actually consult and complete transactions
  • Able to support any technology system

New Hire Onboarding

  • New hires use the Benefits Enrollment Center to learn about the companies benefits and complete enrollment
  • We can incorporate our online scheduling system into the new hire onboarding process
  • At the scheduled time the Benefits Center contacts the employee and completes enrollment on their behalf

Benefits Administration and Employee Advocacy

  • We become an extension of HR and assist with day-to-day administration of benefit plans
  • Life event management
  • Employee question and issue resolution

Our Benefits Enrollment Center Capabilities

  • Our Benefits Enrollment Center is located in the United States and covers all 4 time zones
  • We use state-of-the-art HIPAA compliant technology via VOIP software 
  • A convenient solution as employees can schedule times on or off work
  • Spouses are able to be a part of the call and support the employee decision
  • Call Center hours are flexible to each client (weekends available)
  • Our representatives are licensed insurance professionals and have on average 12 years of experience
  • We use a state-of-the art scheduling system to address call volumes and support a best-in-class employee experience. Our scheduling system allows the employee to schedule a time thats convenient for them. We can also use the system to distribute the benefit communication materials
  • All calls are recorded to ensure client satisfaction
  • Real-time coaching and manager support 
  • Internal text messaging and voice whispering is used to support employees in real-time
  • Custom on-demand reporting 
  • Dedicated support with both Inbound and outbound capabilities
  • Dedicated 800 numbers, custom call trees and answering 
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Co-browsing availability
  • Custom text messaging
  • Voice Broadcasting

650,000 +

Number of employee enrollments our team has supported

3,000 +

Number of locations our team has supported

12 + 

Average number of years our Benefit Educators have been working in the industry

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 Our Technology Solutions

Bringing the Human Element Back to Benefit Enrollment