Engagement & Enrollment

Bringing Together People and Technology

The Human Element

Technology is an effective way to communicate and manage benefit plans, but not everyone learns well relying only on technology. We offer best-in-class self-service solutions for employees, but also recognize a critical component to employee engagement – the human element.

Our goal is to extend the role of HR and to advance participation, understanding, and appreciation through high-quality, meaningful human interaction. We work with clients to develop a tailored, multi-year strategy, which can include on-site, telephonic and self-service engagement options.

Some of the initiatives we have helped support include:

  • Consumer-Driven Health Plans
  • Reference-Based Pricing
  • Wellness Programs
  • Traditional Benefit Plans

  • Retirement Programs

  • Pre-Tax Programs
  • Medical Transparency Applications

  • Employee Advocacy
  • Other Corporate Initiatives

Benefit Educators, LLC

On-Site Enrollment

Face-to-Face Meetings

Through human-to-human communication, we use a variety of personalized engagement strategies, tailored to the needs of our clients. Our trained Benefit Teachers are able to meet with employees individually or in groups.

On-site Engagement


  • We have the ability to meet with employees through one-on-one in-person meetings to assist with enrollment and communication benefits
  • Many employers find this efficient due to day-to-day operations


  • We set-up and support kiosks to increase awareness and understanding and assist employees with enrollment
  • Many employers offer this as a follow-up to a 1:1 strategy


  • We hold group meetings to educate and engage employees in their benefits
  • Many employers provide group meetings and utilize 1:1 for follow-up support

Our On-Site Process

We strive for creativity and flexibility to meet the needs of our clients.

We have developed an extremely detailed approach to ensure implementation success. Our dedicated team utilizes state-of-the-art software guaranteeing that every component is accomplished, and key stakeholders stay on task.

Having implemented hundreds of projects, we have the know-how to manage a successful installation, creating a smooth and easy transition for the HR team.

1 Kickoff Call
2 Implement and develop employee communications
3 Implement and develop manager communications
4 Schedule locations
5 Set-up and test technology
6 Train the Benefit Teachers
7 Implement the enrollment
8 Provide ongoing services

Benefit Educators, LLC

Call Center

On-Demand Support

Our U.S.-based Benefits Enrollment Center (Call Center) replicates our on-site services and is used year-round to advance employee engagement, assist with enrollments and support employees. Our team delivers an efficient and personalized experience.

Call Center for Benefits

Annual Open Enrollment

  • Our call-center replicates our on-site solution and is staffed with licensed professionals who can communicate plans, answer questions, and complete enrollments
  • We are able to support any technology system
  • We have the ability to support entire employee populations or just those who need help with the enrollment process

New Hire Onboarding

  • This service is an extension of Annual Open Enrollment
  • New hires learn about the company benefits and complete enrollment
  • Our online scheduling system can be incorporated into the new hire onboarding process, where the Benefits Enrollment Center contacts the employee and completes enrollment on their behalf

Benefits Administration & HR Support

  • We become an extension of HR and assist with day-to-day administration of benefit plans
  • Benefit Management Services
    • Claims triage
    • Coverage questions
    • Provider network support
    • Vendor contact information
    • ID card assistance
    • EOI support
    • Qualifying life events
    • Dependent verification

Call-Center Capabilities

  • Located in the United States and covers all 4 time zones

  • Call Center hours are flexible to each client (weekends available)

  • State-of-the-art HIPAA compliant technology via VOIP software

  • Dedicated 800 numbers, custom call trees and answering

  • Dedicated support with inbound/outbound capabilities
  • Multiple languages supported

  • Co-browsing available
  • Custom text messaging
  • Voice broadcasting
  • Custom, on-demand reporting
  • Internal text messaging and voice whispering is used to support employees in real-time
  • Spouses can be a part of the call and support the employee decision

  • Representatives are licensed insurance professionals and have on average 12 years of experience

  • Modern scheduling system addresses call volumes and support a best-in-class employee experience
  • Employees can schedule convenient times on or off work
  • The system can distribute benefit communication materials

  • Real-time coaching and manager support
  • All calls are recorded to ensure client satisfaction

Benefit Educators, LLC


Cutting-Edge Technology

We offer modern self-service solutions for those who prefer managing enrollment and benefits online. Employees can access a range of easy-to-use applications for when the human element isn’t needed.

Self-Service Enrollment

Online Enrollment

  • This strategy is often used during future Open Enrollments or for different segments of the employee population
  • Employees are able to log in and enroll independently
  • We have partnerships with advanced decision support tools that can work with any system

Learn more about our technology solutions for enrollment.

Relationships Matter

We offer convenient options to help companies educate employees and enhance the enrollment experience. Our friendly in-person staff and professional call center team will improve an employee’s understanding of the value of their benefits, build trust, and increase overall satisfaction.